Nordlicht, Kiel

Several KARSTADT department stores closed down as part of ARCANDOR AG’s insolvency, including the KARSTADT branch on Holstenstrasse in Kiel, which was acquired in this context. Matrix has been able to sustainably strengthen this district of the city centre in a prime location with the demolition of the old department store and the construction of a large retail building in the city centre with more than 650 parking spaces. With the spacious and direct connection of the 2nd level with the pedestrian zone, the electronics store SATURN was gained as the anchor tenant for the project on an area of approx. 6,000 sqm. In addition, anchor tenants such as REWE, dm drugstore, KARSTADT SPORTS and C&A plus additional shops were successfully integrated into the project.

The relocation of a delivery zone which formerly had a powerful presence in the cityscape to a side street, the new connection from the harbour through the building to the prime location „Holstenstrasse“ and the attractive architecture, as regards urban planning, characterise the quality of this development in the city centre.

Project data

Office building
Size (GFA):approx. 44,300 sqm
Rental area:approx. 20,000 sqm
Parking spaces:667
Start of construction:2nd quarter 2011
Completion:4th quarter 2012
Total investment:approx. € 75M