Hamburg-Langenhorn Shopping Centre: preliminary planning permission has been granted

The local convenience and neighbourhood shopping centre „EKZ Langenhorn“ was acquired by Matrix in a joint venture with EllwangerGeiger from SEB Immoinvest. The centre, which partially stems from the 1960s and 1990s, offers retail space, as well as office, service and surgery space.

With the striking building structure of the 2 towers directly on Krohnstieg, this property is well-known in Hamburg, but is rarely associated with the topic of „shopping“ by customers. As part of extensive restructuring measures, which are to include the demolition of areas from the 1960s and the construction of a modern building, this good location will be reactivated with regard to shopping and local supply. Overall, approx. 18,850 sqm of new commercial space is to be created, whereby the visibility from Krohnstieg and the parking spaces are to be considerably optimised.

In addition, an extensive housing development is planned in the upper storeys.

The preliminary planning permission was granted recently.


Start of expansion work in Norderstedt

After a construction period lasting 16 months, the 1st construction phase of restructuring and expansion of the De-Gasperi-Passage, in the direct vicinity of the Herold-Center in Norderstedt, was transferred on 29/09/2014. In total, approx. 16,600 sqm GFA incl. 300 parking spaces underwent extensive renovations, restructuring and expansion work during ongoing daily operation of the KARSTADT department store. In addition to a modern KARSTADT department store, a new KARSTADT SPORTS shop and a SATURN electronics store were built. The building was expanded by approx. 30% of its total area and, in this context, has been given a completely new look. After the completion of the development planning procedure in October 2014, the 2nd construction phase started promptly. The expansion work began in the middle of June 2015. The structural work is to be completed by the end of July 2015; completion is planned for the end of 2015.  The building area in the 2nd construction phase includes a large neighbourhood shopping centre on two levels with a REWE-CENTER as the anchor tenant and additional specialist stores. Overall, Matrix was able to virtually double the retail space in this location.


Completion of demolition work on the existing façade Mö1 in Hamburg

The demolition of the former HORTEN façade has been completed. The façade scaffolding has been dismantled and the temporary façade, which is to stay in place until the new façade is constructed, has been erected.


Volme-Galerie Hagen: gutting work in the former HORTEN building has been completed.

After the construction work began at the start of October 2014, the gutting work in the former HORTEN building was completed at the end of April 2015. The structural work is already well under way. Opening phase from autumn 2015 until spring 2016.