De Gasperi-Passage, Norderstedt

Together with the Herold Center, the „De-Gasperi-Passage“, with its perfect public transport connections, is the central retail location in Norderstedt, to the north of Hamburg. The existing KARSTADT department store underwent extensive renovations and significant expansion work while maintaining its daily operation. In addition to small, individual store units, the new division provides for a modern KARSTADT department store, KARSTADT SPORTS and a SATURN electronics store. Moreover, extensive property consolidation was undertaken in the immediate vicinity. A new construction and planning law was established here in order to supplement the existing department store with a modern neighbourhood shopping centre with a REWE-CENTER fresh food store, a REWE beverages store and other attractive shop concepts. Overall, the location is to be upgraded by the development concept structurally, as regards urban planning and, above all, architecturally.

Project data

Size (GFA):approx. 26,525 sqm
Rental area:approx. 23,872 sqm
Parking spaces:411
Start of construction:2nd quarter 2013
Completion:3rd quarter 2014
(1st construction phase),
4th quarter 2015
(2nd construction phase)